Pick Me! Pick Me! Article on Me Time for Yourtango.com

Update:  Here’s the article!  My stuff is on page 2  🙂

I was asked by YourTango.com to submit an article about “Me Time” and moms.  The following is the piece I submitted.  There is the possibility of it making it into international syndication (like yahoo.com), so send good vibes.  I will keep you posted if/when it hits the scene  🙂

Your job as a mom is a big one.  The list of tasks and responsibilities can seem endless and daunting on a good day, and downright impossible on a bad day.  When you add in the pressure of being your child’s most critical role model, it’s easy to feel that you may never be enough.

For some, adding self-care to the list of priorities is laughable. We all understand the reasons…I don’t want to be selfish; I don’t have enough time, money or energy; my family needs me.  However, when you realize that how you treat yourself teaches your children how to themselves, “Me Time” is no longer selfish or indulgent, it’s a necessity.

Finding the perspective and time to take care of yourself can be challenging.  Here’s some thoughts to get you started.

  • Let them do it!  Your kids are brilliant!  Give them the opportunity to learn, grow, make mistakes, figure things out, and take care of themselves.  This is a win-win.  The more you allow your children to do for themselves, the less responsibility you have, and the more time you create for taking care of yourself.  Oh, and it works with husbands, too!
  • Say No.  Take a look at your daily schedule and weed out a few things that are not fun for you. Just because it is available, doesn’t mean you need to do it.  Respect your time and energy and let go of tasks and activities that don’t bring joy or enrichment.
  • Change your definition of Supermom.  You don’t need to bake cookies, be on every committee, coach soccer, have a spotless house and children, and wear pearls to be Supermom.  Instead, move toward being a Supermom that is
    confident, loving, and joyful.  It is not about what you do, it’s about who you are.
  • Check your self-image.  How you feel about yourself is a good indication of how your kids are going to feel about themselves.  You are their primary role model.  If you’re not feeling good about who you are, make a commitment to yourself and your kids to improve your thoughts.

Your kids deserve a strong, confident, love-filled mom, and you have the ability and the power to be that role model. Feeling good is contagious.  Do something just for you today, and allow yourself to feel really good about it.  That good feeling will benefit everyone in your life.

Jill Baake is a mom, Life Coach, and the author of I Love Me Mom – A Guilt-Free Guide to
Honoring Yourself and Empowering Your Kids.
Learn more at http://www.ilovememom.com.


About I Love Me Mom

Jill Baake is a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping people create more joy in their lives. With a focus on self love, personal power and the Law of Attraction, Jill gives clients the opportunity to learn about themselves, think from new perspectives and take full responsibility for their experiences. In addition, Jill co-founded and manages a wellness center known as The Atrium at Rolling Spirit and is the author of I Love Me Mom. Learn more by visiting www.centerspiritcoaching.com.
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