What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional communicator that helps people implement positive changes in their lives.  A coach acts as a sounding board, motivator, resource, and guide encouraging people to discover their personal truth and make decisions that move them in the direction of their goals.

There are a multitude of different coaches lumped under the title of Life Coach.  Some coaches are focused on business, others on communication, some on romance or
relationships, and others on wealth, physical health, or another area.  I personally consider myself a joy coach.  I like to work with clients that are looking to experience more fun and joy in their lives.

Often what brings someone to a coach is the realization that their life is not what they want it to be.  Through the coaching process, a good coach can help you discover what it
is you’d like to experience in your life and how to reach that goal.  Many times, a new client may not know what they want to experience, but they are aware of what they don’t want to experience again or any longer.  That’s a great place to start.  Once we’ve gotten to the core of whatever it is that you want, we then look at how to get there.


The way to start moving toward your dreams or goals is by taking one small easy step at a time.   We’ll celebrate each step taken and explore feelings, lessons and insights that come up along the way.  Those feelings and lessons will lead us to the next step and the
next.  The magic in coaching is the understanding that you are the creator of your life experience.  You get to decide what it is that your life
will be.


Hooray, indeed, unless you are not making the decisions that lead to the experiences that you want to experience.  If the decisions you make are coming from fear, envy, powerlessness, unworthiness, or insecurity, then the outcomes you create will reflect that.

In contrast, when you begin to make decisions from self-love, worthiness, deserving, and
joy, the results of those decisions are a dream come true.  Literally.

Your dreams begin to manifest in your life because the decisions you make create your reality.  Hooray!!  Oh, and if you’re thinking that you don’t even know what dreams you would like to make come true, remember that we started there with figuring out what it is you want to experience.  The next step is to lather, rinse, repeat.  You achieve one dream, and you move on to the next.

Can you imagine a life more joyful than that?


About I Love Me Mom

Jill Baake is a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping people create more joy in their lives. With a focus on self love, personal power and the Law of Attraction, Jill gives clients the opportunity to learn about themselves, think from new perspectives and take full responsibility for their experiences. In addition, Jill co-founded and manages a wellness center known as The Atrium at Rolling Spirit and is the author of I Love Me Mom. Learn more by visiting www.centerspiritcoaching.com.
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