Mmmmm…. Coffee….

Few things bring me the disproportionate joy that coffee does.  It is a sacred ritual that even after years of consistent rehearsal still hasn’t lost its appeal.  I’m just a one cup a day girl, but that one cup consumes my thoughts each morning and even sometimes sprinkles mindspace as I’m drifting to sleep.

I have some big dreams for my life.  As a student of the Law of Attraction, I spend time each day visualizing and creating my future.  I imagine how I’ll feel upon achieving my goals and living the life of my dreams.  Just a few moments in the thrill and gratitude of knowing my power and invincibility.

That’s the magic of coffee.  The experience of my sacred morning coffee couldn’t be more joyful.  It’s perfect right now (literally right now… ahhhh… coffee).  Will my coffee passion feel better in a new house?  When I attract a new life partner?  When my businesses are booming?  Nope.  I really don’t think so.  The joy of the coffee experience is in the right now.  It’s the living in the moment and appreciating what is that makes it so special.

The gift of coffee has given me the opportunity to look for other “right now” moments in my routine.  I try to remember to tap into that feeling in the shower.  I feel that gratitude when I crawl into bed at night.  I access that vibration when I say goodbye to my kids before school in the morning.

It’s about how I feel.  That joy, satisfaction, wholeness that fills my soul.  Yep, it just takes a cup of coffee.  If we allow the perfection of the moment, we can create a collection of perfect moments that roll into perfect hours, days, weeks and years.  If we can do it with something as superficial as coffee, we can do it with everything.

I can remind myself to feel the joy of driving my car, getting the mail, connecting with friends and family, and even doing the dishes.  The choice is mine.

For today, I chose to enjoy the is-ness of a day at home with my kids.  The appreciation for my house and the ability to complete the tasks of daily life.  I’m going to apply my sacred coffee experience to laundry, family time, and relaxation today.

But first… back to my coffee.  Just a few minutes more.

What simple gratitude can you chose today?


About I Love Me Mom

Jill Baake is a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping people create more joy in their lives. With a focus on self love, personal power and the Law of Attraction, Jill gives clients the opportunity to learn about themselves, think from new perspectives and take full responsibility for their experiences. In addition, Jill co-founded and manages a wellness center known as The Atrium at Rolling Spirit and is the author of I Love Me Mom. Learn more by visiting
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2 Responses to Mmmmm…. Coffee….

  1. Marie F. says:

    Great post Jill! Brings a lot into perspective.

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