Happy Momma Day

It seems important that a blog called “I Love Me Mom” should have a post about Mother’s Day, so…..

My three-year old daughter, Rylan, crawled in my bed 1st thing Sunday morning and rang out, “Happy Momma Day!”  Ahhh, Rylan’s got the right idea.  I think it should be renamed Happy Momma Day, and the celebration should continue all year long.

I’ve spent a good deal of time and energy throughout my mom career focused on being a happy momma.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it sure has been worth it.  Turns out that taking care of me, putting my happiness in a primary position, and falling in love with myself has allowed me and my kids to spend most of our time in a happy place.

Holidays (even Hallmark ones 😉 ) offer us the great opportunity to look back over the past year.  Here’s what the year has been for me.

  • Almost exactly one year ago (May 7, 2010), The Atrium at Rolling Spirit held its first event (www.atriumcommunity.com).  It was a celebration of manifesting dreams, collaborating energy, and abundant generosity.  Since that date, we’ve had more than 200 events.  That’s a lot to celebrate!
  • One year ago, I had a total of 3 coaching clients.  Now, I’m facilitating Life Coaching and Leadership certification for 8 amazing women and helping people reclaim their power and achieve their goals.
  • One year ago, I thought someday I’d write a book about something. Today, I Love Me Mom is 6 days old and I’m already thinking about what’s next!
  • One year ago, my son was 5 and was getting excited to start kindergarten.  My daughter was 2 and still sleeping in her crib.

A lot can happen in a year.  The key is to find inspiration and gratitude and take one fun step toward the goal each day.  What is your goal for the next year?  What can you do to make each day Happy Momma Day?  When’s the last time you thought about what it takes to be a Happy Momma?

It’s not about breakfast in bed, or flowers, or the hand-made card from school.  It’s not about one day a year.  Being a Happy Momma is a choice, and it starts with deciding that you deserve to be happy and honor your own needs and desires and passions in each day.

What can you do TODAY to make it a Happy Momma Day?

Order your signed copy of I Love Me Mom – A Guilt-Free Guide to Honoring Yourself and Empowering Your Kids at www.ilovememom.com.


About I Love Me Mom

Jill Baake is a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping people create more joy in their lives. With a focus on self love, personal power and the Law of Attraction, Jill gives clients the opportunity to learn about themselves, think from new perspectives and take full responsibility for their experiences. In addition, Jill co-founded and manages a wellness center known as The Atrium at Rolling Spirit and is the author of I Love Me Mom. Learn more by visiting www.centerspiritcoaching.com.
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4 Responses to Happy Momma Day

  1. C-Zap says:

    Hi. Thanks for finding me on FB. I read some of your blog and you only have one comment … to fix a typo. Considering the work you have put in to get to this point, you deserve more than that.

    Here’s mine: Keep doing what you are doing. There is some good content in here and it’s great you are “shining your light.” It takes courage to launch your own business and create your own job while putting yourself out there. You are serving a hardworking and deserving audience. Good luck and my best to you.


    • Thanks, Rick! The blog reached 300 hits today and it’s been live for just a couple weeks, so I’m optimistic that more comments will come as the blog and the book find their way.

      If any readers have suggestions for soliciting more feedback and interaction, I’m open to your ideas. My intention is to share I Love Me Mom with the world, and my action plan is to keep on keepin’ on.

      Thanks so much for your well-wishes and I hope you’ll check back regularly 🙂

      PS: I was so excited when I was notified that I got that first comment, and literally laughed out loud when I read that it was about a typo. Not exactly the engaging dialog I was reaching for!

  2. cl0udy says:

    That was a fantastic post. A great message I appreciated hearing and will share!

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